Dekalb County} To the Ordinary of said County

The petition of G.W. Southard of said
county showeth that he is the head of a
family composed of a wife and two
children and for the use of said family
presents the following schedule of per-
sonal property and prays that this schedule
be recorded and excepted from levee
and sale as provided in sections 2040,
2041(6?) of the code of said state and will
ever pray for this. December 20, 1875

G.W. Southard

Schedule of Property

1 Farm Mule
40 bushels of corn for provisions
8 bushels of potatoes for provisions
common tools of trade (farmer)
2 beds & bedsteads & bedding
one spinning wheel, 1 Prr cards
Cooking utinsils, one table
1 cubbord, one set crockery
1 Bible ???, and school books
wearing apparel of himself and family

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