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Berrey Family Reunion - 1934 Montgomery Alabama

We've left this picture large so that you can easily see the faces of the people in this picture.

So far we can identify the following people:

 1.  Bolan Berrey
 2.  T. C. Walker
 3.  James Obie Hicks (son of 29)
 4.  Bill Berrey
 5.  Charles Wesley Hicks (son of 29)
 6.  Ruby Ray Hicks (wife of 7)
 7.  Milton Forrest Hicks (son of 29)
 8.  Possibly Mrs. Sealy
 9.  Possibly Mr. Sealy
10.  Mr. King (friend of family)
11.  Harley Samford
12.  Grace Samford 
13.  Milton or Morris Walker 
14.  Dottie Jo Stevens
15.  Culver Taylor 
16.  Vivian Berrey Taylor (wife of 15 and daughter of 31) 
17.  Martha Elizabeth Phillips Berrey 
18.  Charles Bethelle Berrey, III  
19.  Charles Bethelle Berrey, Jr (husband of 17 and son of 31) 
20.  Bobbie Wilder Berrey 
21.  James Barnett Berrey (husband of 20 and son of 31) 
22.  Inez Trotter 
23.  Albert Huey Berrey
24.  Bula Berrey
25.  Marvin Berrey
26.  Annie Berrey Clayton
27.  Glennie Margana Berrey Walker
28.  George Walker
29.  Hattye Berrey Hicks Wilson (mother of 3, 5, 6, and 40)
30.  Edward Ferman Hicks 
31.  Elizabeth "Bessie" Barnett Berrey (then the widow of Charles Bethelle Berrey, Sr) 
32.  Unknown
33.  Myrtle Bozeman
34.  Victor Bozeman
35.  Buddy Samford  
36.  Luther Berrey
37.  Otha Berrey
38.  Fredric Berrey (son of 31)
39.  George Walker, Jr.
40.  Lena Hazel Hicks Deas (daughter of 29)
41.  Shirley Elizabeth Berrey Southard (daughter of 17 and 19 and my Mother)

Thanks to Janice Mason for helping with some of the names listed above. If you would like to visit Janice's site go here

Does anyone recogonize or have any corrections to add to this? We had at first thought that Inez Trotter (22) was just a friend of the family, but further work has found that Bula Berrey's (24) maiden name was Trotter. My grandmother (17) thinks the Bozeman's were related to the family as well. Mr King (10) was a friend of the family who brought Annie Berrey Clayton (26) to the reunion as she was a widow and didn't drive.

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