Copied from Microfilm at Georgia State Archives, August 10, 1977
Confederate Pension Records Roll GCP-187 Fulton County

C.C.Crawford, a resident of Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA whose age is 75, and who upon oath says: I am the claimant in this case. For several years past I have been unable to do any manual labor and have been compelled to earn a living by peddling. Last November (1900) my mule got out and I was helping the boy try to head it off and in doing so I feel into a hole that had been dug and left in the side walk, injuring my back and right leg so badly that I was confined to the bed and house for some time, and ever since I have been unable to get out and have had to go on crutches. When I sit down I cannot get up without assistance. In consequence of this hurt and the infirmities of age, I have been unable to make a living, and my doctor has informed me that my injuries are permanent.

I was always present with my command and ready for duty, and did my duty up to the time I got sick at East Point. I was ordered from there to Newnan to the hospital. I stayed there till after the Jonesboro fight and my command commenced working around behind Sherman to try to cut him off, when all who were able to travel at all were ordered to leaved the hospital and go to their commands. I, with several others, started, but before reaching our command we were captured by the yankees and sent to Chattanooga and I was kept there and then sent from there to Nashville.

The others with me were of different Co.'s and I do not know where they are as I have never seen them since the war. I was making every effort to get back to my command and at the time I was captured, then of course I could not get back.

During all the time I was away I was sick, but I made every effort possible to get back to my command. I was sent from Chattanooga to a yankee hospital at Nashville and kept there in the hospital till just before the surrender, when I escaped and started back to Atlanta. When I got to Cartersville, GA I learned of the surrender and I came from there on home. My home was then in Carroll County.

Signed C. C. Crawford (Mark X)

Sworn to an inscribed before me August 7, 1901
John R. Wilkinson, Ordinary

The Family of Christopher Columbus Crawford

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