Old Goodwin Cemetery

This Goodwin family is distantly related to me. I don't have pages on this site for the families yet but anyone interested in this family can go here for more infomation.

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A.P. Goodwin
Died July 27, 1853
Aged 24 years, 5 months and 2 days
M Gertrude Goodwin
daughter of T M and N E Goodwin
Born Sept 8th 1861
Died Feb 1st 1867
Charlie E Goodwin
Born April 25, 1859
Died March 3, 1863
Margaret Kinnard Goodwin
Wife of Julius Goodwin
1797 - 1865
H L Goodwin
Born June 19, 1831
Died December 22, 1856
Martha E Goodwin
Daughter of T M and N E Goodwin
Born Sept 9, 1818
Died July 18, 1852
Jackson LaFayette Goodwin
Son of T M and N E Goodwin
was born March 10, 1857
and departed this life Oct 11th 1863
Martha Goodwin
Consort of Young Goodwin Sen
Born April 11, 1775
Departed this life Aug 13, 1862
James M Goodwin
Born August 2nd 1826
Died Sept 22nd 1849
Being 23 years 1 month and 20 days
Nancy Elizabeth Goodwin
Wife of Turner M. Goodwin
Born September 6, 1829
Died March 8, 1877
Jane E Goodwin
Daughter of T M and N E Goodwin
Born Feb 14, 1851
Died June 13, 1852
Turner Goodwin
Born March 2, 1808
Died Oct 18, 1875
Julius Goodwin
Who died Sept 5th 1848
in the 64th year of his age
Young Goodwin
Died in September 1849 at the age of 83
Our Baby
No further information

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